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How to update AVG anti-virus? online and Offline

Wednesday, June 29, 20111comments

How to update AVG anti-virus? How to update AVG anti-virus is what you need to do if you include the human type are very concerned about how to care for a computer to keep it healthy, and passionate spirit sumringah lawful. How to update the status on facebook is not a stranger to that used to be a celebrity in the wall and inbox. Therefore, on the occasion of this post alkatro zone will not discuss how the status updates on facebook, but rather how to update AVG anti virus. AVG Anti-virus is a name that is quite reliable and widely used in combating the brokers are hiding cases, undermine, and destroy the prosperity of the country. Realtor broker case again the case anymore ..
In a previous post, about how to remove viruses framer HTML and test anti-virus sensitive areas has been explained about how the sensitivity of the AVG anti-virus software is to know the presence html / framer virus that came without laws, without donate home .. hush!

To be able to update it, the condition is a personal computer you have first installed AVG anti-virus software version 8.5 or AVG anti-virus software version 9.0.
How to update AVG anti-virus will not be questioned about how many versions of the software you use, especially for the AVG software on top of version 9 is not free anymore.
For those of you who do not have and want to install it you can download it at the following link:
free download AVG anti-virus version 8.5, click
click here
free download AVG anti-virus version 9.0 click click here

After that do the installation program as usual: next, next and wait until the process is completed, the singing is fine .. next next've tuaa, sitting in jendelaa: D

How to update AVG anti-virus is easy:

how to automatically update anti-virus avg

Right click on the AVG icon in the right corner of the screen (taskbar windows)
Then select Update Now, please want to be left to hoe (dish) and allowed to sleep well, guaranteed process will complete itself;
AVG antivirus update this way this time, thank you and congratulations on vacation.
Wait a minute, do not run duluu, the juice has not drunk je .. xexexe.

Sorry some of today alkatro zone rarely show my face, please be advised there is a project hoe (dish) and help make a dam in neighboring places. Ponds as a means in addition to fishing, refreshing shower is also free .. gone fishing, taking a shower to stay nyemplung .. ciaatt .. byuurr.

How to update anti-virus on top can easily be done if your Internet connection and an electric stun is not being BBB aka: lets dance together and broken disjointed, broken disjointed, then how to update anti-virus solution for free but with different methods and avoid the things that you do not want?

Tips Update Anti Virus AVG is

1. Database download the latest AVG Anti-Virus,
click here:
The assumption is that if you update automatically the same way you do the software installation process online applications eg Firefox browser upgrades, data transfer process will take much longer, right? bukaaaaaaaaaan


2. Please download the two files with extension AVI and IAVI
The file size of about 5MB and 56 MB, and are on the bottom row:
Save both files in the same folder eg F: \ Update

Once the download is complete, immediately take home your flash (yes maybe the download nebeng in people's homes)

3. Open AVG software applications on the computer.
If through the windows taskbar shortcut, right-click the icon AVG Anti-virus
Click: Open AVG User Interface
On the main menu:
Click the Tools menu - Update from Directory
then click the folder where you save the file. AVI and. IAVI is. eg F: \ Update
click OK
after emerging windows AVG Update, click the Update Button

4. Prepare a cup of coffee and fried bananas first, to wait for AVG database installation process go to completion; click Close. completed

This process takes place offline, so you do not need to activate the Internet connection, calculated to save bandwidth especially if the downloaded file. Avi and. IAVI ngendong ride in the office or at a neighbor .. wuelaa, tasty dong, dong mantep. Free dong, dong ngirit, haiyah ..

I insist that you do not have to upgrade AVG AVG version 8.5 or 9.0 version to higher version, unless your paypal is abundant due to the AVG anti-virus database update at least once a month, then the security of your computer system can be protected from malware, threats, or computer virus diverse new variants in each month.
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June 29, 2011 at 9:23 PM

how to update offline in linux ?

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