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how to Create an AutoText entry

Saturday, November 5, 20110 comments

how to Create an AutoText entry,How do I turn on auto text and auto complete so it is always on for email and texts for the 8330
and antoher ask

There is no auto complete only auto text.

If I start typing the word "because" and only type beca, it is not going to complete the word for me.

If I type becuase it will automatically switch it to because.

Forgive me I forgot who the poster was but someone on this forum had a great suggestion, you can edit the auto text so when you type wru, it spells out where are you. That's pretty handy.

this solution for how to Create an AutoText entry
1. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
2. Click AutoText.
3. Press the Menu key.
4. Click New.
5. In the Replace field, type the text to replace.
6. In the With field, perform one of the following actions:

* Type replacement text.
* To insert a macro (for example, the current date or time), press the Menu key. Click Insert Macro.

7. Perform one of the following actions:

* To capitalize the entry exactly as you typed it, set the Using field to Specified Case.
* To capitalize the entry according to the context, set the Using field to SmartCase.

8. Set the language.
9. Press the Menu key.
10. Click Save.
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